Star-Lacey Field, Anadarko Basin

General Setting

The Star-Lacey field is on the northern shelf of the Anadarko Basin in Western Texas and Oklahoma. The field produces from the Hunton Group in stratigraphic traps and Mississippian limestone (Withrow, 1972). The Hunton Group produces from the dolomite zones where secondary porosity should be explored around unconformities. Non-erosional dolomitic zones structurally trap hydrocarbons in stratigraphic highs such as noses (Withrow, 1972). The Star-Lacey is an example field for the type, size, and quality of stratigraphic traps in this area (Withrow, 1969). Similar stratigraphy, where high porosity formed in structural and topographic highs, should be explored for carbon dioxide allowance in the area.



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Prepared by Emily Moskal, 2020.

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