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Welcome to the sponsor portal. This is a repository of past meeting presentations, reports, and drafts. If you have comments on a draft, please download the file and email Dr. Hovorka.


Thank you to the GCCC's 2023 Sponsors

  1. February 2023 Sponsors' Meeting
  2. April 2023 Joint Annual GoMCarb – SECARB Offshore Partnerships Meeting (publicly available)
  3. 2023 GCCC Master's Thesis
  4. Summer Newsletter
  5. September 2023 Sponsors' Meeting



Thank you to the GCCC's 2022 Sponsors

  1. January 2022 Sponsors Meeting
  2. January 2022-2026 draft "Big Plan" pitched for Sponsor Review
  3. May 19–20, 2022 Dr. Katherine Romanak's Outcomes and Summary from the 5th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage held in New Orleans
  4. September 2022 Sponsors' Meeting


2018-2022  GCCC Retrospective

  1. Presentation



  1. September 2021 Sponsors Meeting
  2. January 2021 Sponsors Meeting
  3. Identifying Storage Prospects: Download the shape files here.
    If you have a question regarding these files, contact Alex Bump.
    Fetch-trap maps are designed to support storage project scoping and initial costing by defining the geologically-controlled compartments of the Gulf Coast. The compartments are interpreted (see “read me” notes) on structural horizons within the principle flow zones at storage depths.  Project developers could select to inject off structure and downdip in the fetch areas and allow the CO2 to migrate up-dip toward the structures (migration depends on flow properties) or to develop projects using the crest of structures.   The compartments substantially isolate CO2 migration paths. In some case they are separated by faults and may also be to greater or lesser extent pressure-isolated compartments. 


  4. 2021 Products



  1. Big Plan 2018–2022
  2. January 2020 Sponsors Meeting (slides) in conjunction with the University of Texas Conference on Carbon Capture and Storage (UTCCS-5)
  3. GoMCarb Quarterly Reports
    • The username is "gomcarb_partner" and the password is "gulOfmexicoCO2"
  4. 2nd Annual GoMCarb & SECARB Offshore Joint Partnership Meeting
  5. August 2020 Sponsor Meeting



Big Plan 2018–2022

August 2019 Sponsors Meeting

January 2019 Sponsors Meeting



Draft - The seismic response to injected carbon dioxide: Comparing observations to estimates based upon fluid flow modeling

GoMCarb Quarterly Report

Draft - Seismic-based CO2-sequestration regional assessment of the Miocene section

Draft - Building intelligent environmental modeling systems

GHGT-14 presentation: CO2-EOR and GCS co-optimization

GHGT-14 presentation: Sustainable Decision-Making in CCUS

Seismic diffractions for natural gas leakage detection

Sponsor Meeting July 2018

Sponsor Meeting January 2018

Big plan 2018-2022

GCCC Retrospective 2014-2018

Draft - Light Hydrocarbon and Noble Gas Migration as an Analog for Potential CO2 leakage

Draft - Cranfield Report

Draft - Capturing the magic of carbon dioxide

Book Chapter Draft - Cranfield



Sponsor Meeting 1 - 2017

Sponsor Meeting 2 - 2017



Sponsor Meeting Fall 2016

UTCCS 3 - 2016



Sponsor Meeting Summer 2015

GCCC 2015-2018 Plan



GCCC Retrospective - 2011-2014

UTCCS 2 - 2014

Report - EPA SSS - 2014

Workbook - SSS - 2014

Draft - Geochemical Sensitivity to CO2 Leakage - 2014



Sponsor Meeting Summer 2013

Accepted Article - Pressure Attenuation - 2013

Manuscript - Gas diffusion in Anahuac shale - 2013

Draft - Above Zone Pressure Monitoring and Geomechanical Analyses - 2013

Draft - CO2 sequestration at greensites and brownsites - 2013

Thesis - Hingst - 2013

Click here for "RI0283. Geological CO2 Sequestration Atlas of Miocene Strata, Offshore Texas State Waters"


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