GoMCarb May 18, 2022 meeting

  1 GoMCarb Partnership Annual Meeting set-up and logistics Trevino
2 De-risking Top Seal for CCS Bump
3 Static Geologic Model of the Upper Texas and westermost Louisiana coasts (TexLa Merge 3D) Sabbaugh
4 Carbon Storage Potential in the GoM Phillips
5 Definition of AoR Onshore and its Equivalent Offshore Bump
6, 7 GCCC Graduate Student Research, Upper Texas Coast Franey and Hull
8 Modeling Plume Stabilization by Migration Loss Hovorka
9 Evaluating, Risking, and Ranking Carbon Sequestration Buoyant Traps with Application to Nearshore Gulf of Mexico Bump, Laidlaw
10 Estimating Across-Fault Leakage Rates and their Financial Implicatioins for CCS with Application to Offshore GoM Bump, Guirola
11 Downwind Dispersion of CO2 from a Major Subsea Blowout in Shallow Offshore Waters Oldenburg
12 Predicting CO2 Buoyant Flow Saturation in Heterogeneous Geologic Formations with Machine Learning Ni
13 Pore-Scale Migration and Trapping Using Micromodel Experiments Larson
14 Compositional Poromechanics Simulation of High Island 24L White
15 Ocean Issues GOMCARB Knap
16 CFD Modeling Hypothetical CO2 Releases at High Island Rosario
17 CO2 Transport and Delivery: Status Update on Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure Re-use Sachde
18 Effect of Monoethanolamine on the Viscosity and CO2 Absorption of Aprotic Heterocyclic Anion Ionic Liquids Benson
19 CCS Field Development – Sensitivities and Recommendations Bulakh
20 GCCC Educational Outreach Hovorka
21 Increased Inquiries About CCS from Stakeholders – a Status Update Meckel
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Click here for "RI0283. Geological CO2 Sequestration Atlas of Miocene Strata, Offshore Texas State Waters"


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