Attention Teachers

Seeking Applicants 
for a 
Multi-Year, University-Supported Program 

Opportunity to develop an inquiry-based curriculum making real-world connections to 
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects in the Gulf Coast.

If you live and teach near these areas:

Hot Spots map

From the Rio Grande, TX to New Orleans, LA, approx. 50 CCS projects are being developed along the Gulf Coast.  You are invited to apply for a multi-year, university-supported program with a paid stipend to develop an educational program that will provide useful scientific information to engage student’s participation and help mitigate/decrease greenhouse gasses.

Beginning summer 2024, successful applicants will spend a week in Austin, TX with 2–4 other educators. Work along active scientists at the State Geological Survey to develop materials and curriculum. You, and your students, will provide accurate and current data about local developments in greenhouse mitigation, while helping to serve the community by creating leaders for generations to come.

The technology at the center of this investigation is carbon capture and storage (CCS) where CO2 is captured from emission sources, or directly from the atmosphere, and injected deep underground. Engage students in problem-solving and experiential learning.  You will be supplied with:

  • lab equipment
  • software, and 
  • technical expertise 

Apply here to get more information and be considered to be funded as part of this program. For questions, please contact: or

Last updated: November 3, 2023

Click here for "RI0283. Geological CO2 Sequestration Atlas of Miocene Strata, Offshore Texas State Waters"


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