Arbuckle Group, Oklahoma (10)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

10 Fluid Residence Time:

Jorgensen and others (1996) generated a vector lateral-flow velocity map. The vectors show slow velocity of flow in the Western Interior Plains aquifer system (Jorgensen, and others, 1996). Jorgensen and others (1996) included all of the rock units below the Woodford Shale and above basement in what they called the "Western Interior Plains aquifer system." This aquifer system includes the Arbuckle. Because of the vector nature of the data, we could not quantitatively incorporate the map into our analyses.

10 Reference:

Jorgensen, D. G., Helgesen, J. O., Signor, D. C., Leonard, R. B., Imes, J. L., and Christenson, S. C., 1996, Analysis of regional aquifers in the central midwest of the United States in Kansas, Nebraska and parts of Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming—Summary: U.S. Geological Survey, Professional Paper 1414-A, 67 p.

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