Paluxy Sandstone, East Texas Basin (10)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

10 Fluid Residence Time:

Fluid residence time for the Paluxy is probably in the tens of millions of years, judging from the following: "The presence of meteoric water throughout the (East Texas) basin does not infer [sic] that the flushing is recent or is occurring at a rapid hydrologic rate. The timing of fluid movement in the basin is interesting but not resolvable at this point." (Kreitler and others, 1983, p. 34). However, isotopic compositions imply that the basin fluids were originally recharged as continental meteoric waters, which probably occurred mostly during Cretaceous time. Therefore, the waters are very old." (Kreitler and others, 1983, p. 1).

10 Reference:

Kreitler, C. W., Collins, E. W., Fogg, G. E., Jackson, M., and Seni, S. J., 1983, Hydrogeologic characterization of the saline aquifers, East Texas Basin: implications to nuclear waste storage in East Texas salt domes: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, report prepared for U.S. Department of Energy under contract no. DE-AC97-80ET46617.

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