WaterRF Project: Reports, Publications and Data

Quarterly Reports, Publications & Data, and Project Logs

Quarterly Reports

The following are quarterly reports and their dates of coverage:

Publications & Data

The following are publications, relevant data, and their associated dates:

  • AGU fall meeting abstracts for WRF (11/2012) [PDF]
  • Yang et al., Supplement 1, Push-pull test Cranfield (09/04/2012) [XLSX]
  • Yang et al., Supplement 2, Push-pull test Cranfield correlation Matrix (09/04/2012) [XLSX]
  • Yang et al., Figures (09/04/2012) [PDF]
  • Yang et al., Single well push-pull test (09/07/2012) [PDF]
  • Yang et al., Tables (09/07/2012) [PDF]

Project Logs

No project logs are available at this time.



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