Morrison Formation, San Juan Basin (05)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

05 Percent Shale:

The percent-sandstone map of the Grants uranium district (Kirk and Condon, 1986) offers an approximation of the percent shale (1 percent) for the Morrison Formation in that area. The only other number we encountered was a value of ">25% fines" (Freethey, 1987b, his fig. 2, p. 85). We found no percent-shale map for the Morrison Formation in the entire basin.

05 Reference:

Freethey, G. W., 1987b, Lithologic and hydrologic properties of Mesozoic rocks in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Mexico, in McLean, J. S., and Johnson, A. I., eds., Regional aquifer systems of the United States-aquifers of the western mountain area: 23rd Annual American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Conference and Symposium, Salt Lake City: AWRA Monograph Series No. 14, p. 81-100.

Kirk, A. R., and Condon, S. M., 1986, Structural control of sedimentation patterns and the distribution of uranium deposits in the Westwater Canyon Member of the Morrison Formation, northwestern New Mexico-a subsurface study, in Turner-Peterson, C. E., Santos, E. S., and Fishman, N. S., eds., A basin analysis case study: the Morrison Formation Grants uranium region New Mexico: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Studies in Geology No. 22, p. 105-143.

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