Morrison Formation, San Juan Basin (15)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

15 Water Chemistry:

We located maps from Dam and others (1990) showing chemical-constituent diagrams on a map of the basin; however, these were not suitable for digitization. Also, Freethey (1987a) mentioned that the water is typically a sodium chloride type where concentrations exceed 35,000 mg/L and a calcium bicarbonate type where concentrations are less than 2000 mg/L.

15 Reference:

Dam, W. L., Kernodle, J. M., Thorn, C. R., Levings, G. W., and Craigg, S. D., 1990, Hydrogeology of the Morrison Formation in the San Juan structural basin, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah: U.S. Geological Survey, Hydrologic Investigations Atlas, HA-0720-J, 2 sheets.

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