Woodbine Formation, East Texas Basin (06)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

06 Continuity:

Sand-body continuity can be found by using a generalized map of depositional systems (Oliver, 1971). A more detailed facies map is available (Calavan, 1985). Site studies are needed to asses the site-specific complexity of this heterogeneous system.

06 Map:


06 Reference:

Calavan, C. W., 1985, Depositional environments and basinal setting of the Cretaceous Woodbine Sandstone, Northeast Texas: Baylor University, Master's thesis, 225 p.

Oliver, W. B., 1971, Depositional systems in the Woodbine Formation (Upper Cretaceous) northeast Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology Report of Investigations No. 73, 28 p.

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