Woodbine Formation, East Texas Basin (07)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

07 Top Seal Thickness:

The Eagle Ford shale is the low-permeability unit immediately on top of the Woodbine. A thickness map was digitized from Surles (1986) and gridded (c7woodbineg). More regional-scale stratigraphic and facies information is available from this source. The Eagle Ford has been eroded over the Sabine Uplift in the eastern part of the study area; however, the low-transmissivity Austin Chalk extends over this area.

07 Map:


07 Reference:

Surles, M. A., 1986, Stratigraphy of the Eagle Ford Group (Upper Cretaceous) and its source-rock potential in the East Texas Basin: Baylor University, Master's thesis, 219 p.

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