Basin Fill Sandstone and Carbonate Aquifers, Basin and Range (07)

Arizona, Nevada, and California

Comments on Geologic Parameters

07 Top Seal Thickness:

Top-seal-thickness maps are lacking for the two principal hydrologic units in the Mojave Basin. Top seals for the deeply buried carbonate aquifers are a combination of upper Paleozoic marine shales, siliceous siltstone, and evaporites. The hydraulic conductivity of these noncarbonate rocks is commonly only 0.01 ft/d (Dettinger and others, 1995; Thomas and others, 1996). Although these noncarbonate seal facies are up to 200 ft (61 m) thick in north-central Nevada, they exhibit pinch-outs. Interbedded tuffaceous sediments and central-basin fine-grained sediments (lacustrine fill and playa) are the main seals for the Tertiary basin-and-range aquifers (Freethey and others, 1986; Harrill and others, 1988; Prudic and others, 1995).

07 Reference:

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