Basin Fill Sandstone and Carbonate Aquifers, Basin and Range (16)

Arizona, Nevada, and California

Comments on Geologic Parameters

16 Rock Mineralogy:

Detailed mineral constituents of the carbonate aquifers in Nevada were provided in tables by Thomas and others (1996). These minerals include calcite, dolomite, gypsum, halite, albite, kaolinite, and K-feldspar. Minor amounts of chalcedony, analcime, and clinoptilolite are reported. Mineralogy of the shallow basin-fill sediments is primarily a reflection of granitic and metamorphic sources (Pool, 1985).

16 Reference:

Pool, D. R., 1985, Aquifer geology of alluvial basins of Arizona, in Anderson, T. W., and Johnson, A. I., eds., Regional aquifer systems of the United States, southwest alluvial basins of Arizona: American Water Resources Association Monograph 7, p. 25-36.

Thomas, J. M., Welch, A. H., and Dettinger, M. D., 1996, Geochemistry and isotope hydrology of representative aquifers in the Great Basin region of Nevada, Utah, and adjacent states: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1409-C, p. C1-C100.

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