Glen Canyon Group, Sevier Basin and Kaiparowitz Bench (10)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

10 Fluid Residence Time:

We were unable to locate maps of fluid residence time for the Glen Canyon Group. However, Heilweil and Freethey (1992) presented data from the Navajo Sandstone in southwestern Utah (southern Sevier Basin), northwestern Arizona, and southeast Utah (Kaiparowitz Basin) that provide estimated flow rates and ground-water budgets.

10 Reference:

Heilweil, V. M., and Freethey, G. W., 1992, Hydrology of the Navajo aquifer in southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona, including computer simulation of ground-water flow and water-level declines that could be caused by proposed withdrawals, in Harty, K. M., ed., Engineering and environmental geology of southwestern Utah: Utah Geological Association Publication 21, p. 213-223.


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