Glen Canyon Group, Sevier Basin and Kaiparowitz Bench (16)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

16 Rock Mineralogy:

The mineralogy of the Page Sandstone, interpreted to have been derived from reworking of the Navajo Sandstone, was described by Blakey and others (1983). Detailed petrographic description of the Carmel Formation was provided by Taylor (1981).

16 Reference:

Blakey, R. C., Peterson, F., Caputo, M. V., Voorhees, B. J., and Geesaman, R. C., 1983, Paleogeography of Middle Jurassic continental, shoreline and shallow marine sedimentation, southern Utah, in Reynolds, M. W., and Dolly, E. D., eds., Mesozoic paleogeography of the West-Central United States: Rocky Mountain paleogeography symposium: Denver, Rocky Mountain Section, Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, March, v. 2, p. 77-100.

Taylor, D. W., 1981, Carbonate petrology and depositional environments of the limestone member of the Carmel Formation, near Carmel Junction, Kane County, Utah: Geology Studies, Brigham Young University, v. 28, no. 3, p. 117-133.


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