Cape Fear Formation, South Carolina Coastal Plain (12a)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

12a CO2 Solubility Brine: Formation Temperature:

Little information is available for geothermal gradients associated with deep aquifers, primarily because there are few wells that have been drilled to the deep aquifers. Temples and Waddell (1996) reported temperature data for a deep well on Hilton Head Island. However, we chose to use the geothermal gradient data from Kinney (1976) in which they showed a geothermal gradient of about 1.38 °F/100 ft (25.5 °C/km) for southeastern South Carolina.

12a Map:


12a Reference:

Kinney, D. M., ed., 1976, Geothermal gradient map of North America: American Association of Petroleum Geologists and U.S. Geological Survey Publication G74014, 2 maps.

Temples, T. J., and Waddell, M. G., 1996, Application of petroleum geophysical well logging and sampling techniques for evaluating aquifer characteristics: Ground Water, v. 34, p. 523-531.


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