Lower Potomac Group, Eastern Coastal Plain (13)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

13 Rock/Water Reaction:

Several authors presented descriptions of the mineral composition of the lower Potomac interval (Anderson, 1948; Kasabach and Scudder, 1961; Maher and Applin, 1971; Trapp and others, 1984; Benson and others, 1985). These studies indicate that the sands of the lower Potomac aquifer contain low proportions of reactive minerals such as calcium plagioclase and calcite; however, glauconite is present. In addition, studies indicate that because the formation waters have been in place for >15,000 yr, they have most likely approached equilibrium with the surrounding formations. We therefore conclude that the potential for significant rock/water reactions with high CO2 fluids for eastern New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland are low to moderate.

13 Reference:

Anderson, J. L., 1948, Cretaceous and Tertiary subsurface geology: State of Maryland Board of Natural Resources, Bulletin 2, 456 p.

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