Pottsville Formation, Black Warrior Basin (03)

Alabama and Mississippi

Comments on Geologic Parameters

03 Formation Thickness:

The Pottsville Formation of the Black Warrior Basin comprises as much as 12,000 ft of shale, sandstone, and coal (Cleaves and Broussard, 1980). The sequence has a southwestward thickening, which represents the thick clastic wedge shed from the Ouachita Orogenic Belt. The Lower Pottsville thickens from 1,000 to 1,500 ft in the north to 2,000 ft in the southwest. Thickness was gridded (c3pottsville).

03 Map:


03 Reference:

Cleaves, A., and Broussard, M., 1980, Chester and Pottsville depositional systems, outcrops and subsurface, in the Black Warrior Basin: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, v. 30, p. 49-59

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