Pottsville Formation, Black Warrior Basin (12b)

Alabama and Mississippi

Comments on Geologic Parameters

12b CO2 Solubility Brine: Formation Pressure:

Two data points from oil fields were found for the Pottsville Formation (Galicki, 1986; Beard and Meylan, 1987), 775 psi for Coal Fire Creek field and 1,235 psi for Corrine field.

12b Reference:

Beard, R. H., and Meylan, M. A., 1987, Petrology and hydrocarbon reservoir potential of subsurface Pottsville (Pennsylvanian) sandstones, Black Warrior Basin, Mississippi: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, v. 33. p 11-23.

Galicki, S., 1986, Mesozoic-Paleozoic producing areas of Mississippi and Alabama: Mississippi Geological Society.

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