St. Peter Sandstone, Illinois Basin (06)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

06 Continuity:

Several authors indicated that the sands within the St. Peter Sandstone are continuous, especially in the middle portions of the unit (Kreutzfeld, 1982; Barnes and others, 1992). The St. Peter Sandstone is partially offset by a number of faults, and these faults can significantly affect sand-body continuity. Therefore, we chose to use the map of Collinson and others (1988), which shows the locations of major faults that offset the St. Peter Sandstone to characterize sand-body continuity, because faulting rather than lithology is the principal factor influencing sand-body continuity of the St. Peter in the central Illinois Basin.

06 Map:


06 Reference:

Barnes, D. A., Lundgren, C. E., and Longman, M. W., 1992, Sedimentology and diagenesis of the St. Peter Sandstone, central Michigan Basin, United States: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 76, p. 1507–1532.

Collinson, C., Sargent, M. L., and Jennings, J. R., 1988, Chapter 14: Illinois Basin region, in Sloss, L. L., ed., The Geology of North America, v. D-2, Sedimentary Cover—North American Craton: U.S.: Decade of North American Geology: Geological Society of America, p. 383–426.

Kreutzfeld, J. E., 1982, Pore geometry and permeability of the St. Peter Sandstone in the Illinois Basin: University of Toledo, Master's thesis, 353 p.

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