Cedar Keys/Lawson, Central Florida Region (02)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

02 Permeability/Hydraulic Conductivity:

Permeability has been determined for the Lawson Dolomite in a liquid waste-disposal well located in Mulberry, Polk County, Florida (J. Haberfeld, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, personal communication, 2000). The permeabilities were determined by Core Lab, Incorporated, from sidewall cores. Permeabilities from eight samples range from 5 to 28 millidarcys. Because we lack any other permeability, we assign this range for all of southern Florida. More permeability data are available from geophysical logs taken for petroleum exploration and production from Lower Cretaceous horizons. It is surprising that reported permeabilities are so low, considering that porosities are 24 to 28 percent.

02 Reference:

Haberfeld (Florida Department of Environmental Protection, personal communication, 2000)


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