Cedar Keys/Lawson, Central Florida Region (16)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

16 Rock Mineralogy:

Published lithologic descriptions of the lower Cedar Keys and Lawson Dolomites vary (Applin and Applin, 1944, 1967; Vernon, 1951; Chen, 1965), indicating that (1) the boundaries of these units remain poorly defined and/or (2) these units vary laterally. Difference in lithology is primarily degree of dolomitization, crystal size, and relative proportion of anhydrite. Winston (1977) gave perhaps the best summary of lower Cedar Keys and upper Lawson Dolomite composition. He stated that the lower Cedar Keys was tan, microolitic or micropeletal dolomite of varying thickness and cemented by clear calcium sulfate, whose mineralogy has not been determined. He described the upper Lawson Dolomite as very fine to fine crystalline anhedral or euhedral dolomite with occasional streaks of very fine to fine-grained skeletal dolomite. Applin and Applin (1944) and Vernon (1951) reported gypsum in the upper Lawson Dolomite.

16 Reference:

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