Cedar Keys/Lawson, Central Florida Region (12c)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

12c CO2 Solubility Brine: Formation Water Salinity:

Vernon (1970, his app. I) demonstrated that salinity within the Floridan aquifer increases with depth and at about 2,900 ft (in the Coral Gables area) that total dissolved solids (TDS) is 35,000 mg/L. Brines from oil fields that produce from the Lower Cretaceous Sunniland Limestone have TDS concentrations of about 200,000 mg/L (Meyer, 1989, his table 11). We therefore conclude that TDS concentrations in the lower Cedar Keys and upper Lawson Dolomites are between 35,000 and 200,000 mg/L, which is shown in the GIS.

12c Reference:

Vernon, R. O., 1970, The beneficial uses of zones of high transmissivities in the Florida subsurface for water storage and waste disposal: Florida Geological Survey, Information Circular No. 70, 39 p.

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