Cedar Keys/Lawson, Central Florida Region (15)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

15 Water Chemistry:

Few data were available on the chemistry of brines in the deep subsurface. We chose to use the data of Vernon (1970), who presented water-chemistry-analysis results from selected oil fields in the Coral Gables area. Also a formation water chemistry table from the Lower Cretaceous Sunniland Limestone was added to the GIS data base.

15 Tables:

View tables in Excel spreadsheet format:

A) Water Chemistry Vermon, 1970 (XLSX)

B) Water Chemistry from the Lower Cretaceous Sunnilands limestone, which underlies the Cedar Key and Lawson dolomite (Meyer, 1989) (XLSX)

15 Reference:

Vernon, R. O., 1970, The beneficial uses of zones of high transmissivities in the Florida subsurface for water storage and waste disposal: Florida Geological Survey, Information Circular No. 70, 39 p.


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