Cedar Keys/Lawson, Central Florida Region (13)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

13 Rock/Water Reaction:

Published lithologic descriptions of the lower Cedar Keys and Lawson Dolomites vary (Applin and Applin, 1944, 1967; Vernon, 1951; Chen, 1965), indicating that (1) the boundaries of these units remain poorly defined and/or (2) these units vary laterally. Difference in lithology is primarily degree of dolomitization, crystal size, and relative proportion of anhydrite. As discussed earlier, the formation waters are saline, have been in place for many millennia, and therefore have probably approached equilibrium with the surrounding rock mass. Relatively clean carbonates are the phases that would react with injected CO2.

13 Reference:

Applin, P. L., and Applin, E. R., 1944, Regional subsurface stratigraphy and structure of Florida and southern Georgia: American Association of Petroleum Geologists, v. 28, p. 1673-1753.

Chen, S. C., 1965, The regional stratigraphic analysis of Paleocene and Eocene rocks of Florida: Florida Geological Survey Bulletin No. 45, 105 p.

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