Tuscaloosa Group, Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain (11)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

11 Flow Direction:

Ground-water-flow direction is typically found by determining the hydraulic head (essentially water pressure) of ground water in the target interval and mapping its change over an area. Published maps of hydraulic-head distribution in the Tuscaloosa Group in the Mobile area are not available. On the basis of regional assessments of deep aquifers, Miller (1990) determined that ground water generally flows downdip toward the coast. Miller (1990) concluded that as the ground water encounters the marine water beneath the coastal zone, stagnant conditions prevail or that ground water flows parallel to the coast.

11 Reference:

Miller, J. A., 1990, Ground water atlas of the United States-segment 6, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina: U.S. Geological Survey, Hydrologic Investigations Atlas No. HA-730-G, 28 p.

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