Tuscaloosa Group, Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain (16)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

16 Rock Mineralogy:

16 Table:

Harriet Kelly Gill N 1   Lower Tuscaloosa 10 7775 Top - Sandstone, light-gray, fine-grained, subangular, quartzose,micaceous, glauconitic, calcareous, indurated, sparsely fossiliferous, containing a few thin clay streaks; pelecypod shell fragments.
Ben May et al N 1 137 Lower Tuscaloosa 10 6795 Sandstone, light-gray, fine- to medium-grained, subangular to subrounded, quartzose, glauconitic, calcareous, friable, porous,with mica trace
Alger Sullivan Lumber Co W 295 Lower Tuscaloosa 5 6108 Sandstone, medium-gray, very fine grained, subangular,quartzose, glauconitic, silty, calcareous, micaceous
Alger Sullivan Lumber Co W 295 Lower Tuscaloosa 3 6112 Sandstone,same
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6840-6990-ctgs Shale, olive-gray (5Y 4/1), to medium gray (N5), same; sandstone, same; trace of chalk, same; trace of shale, pale-green (10G 6/2); trace of chalk, dark, reddish-brown (10R 3/4) aragonite, pyrite, siderite; few microfossils; (carvings)
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6842 Sidewall Core: Sand, light-gray (N7), medium-grained, some fine, subangular.
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6849 Sidewall Core: Clay, light-olive-gray (5Y 6/1) to medium gray (N5), silty, finely micaceous.
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6853 Sidewall Core: Sand, very light gray (N8), very fine to fine grained, subangular, contains occasional carbonaceous inclusions, micaceous.
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6859 Sidewall Core: Sand, very light gray (N8), fine- to medium grained, subangular, slightly micaceous.
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6882 Sidewall Core: Sand, same.
Ciba-Geigy   Tuscaloosa Group   6990-7170-ctgs Shale, olive-gray (5Y 4/1), same; clay, pale-green (1OG 6/2), very fine to fine sandy, grades into sandstone; clay, dark reddish-brown (1OR 3/4), some dark-yellowish-orange (10R 6/6); trace of sandstone, very light gray (N8), very fine grained; trace of s

16 Reference:

Tucker, W. E., and Kidd, R. E., 1973, Deep-well disposal in Alabama: Alabama Geological Survey, Bulletin 104, 229 p., 4 plates.

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