Tuscaloosa Group, Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain (12b)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

12b CO2 Solubility Brine: Formation Pressure:

Tucker and Kidd (1973; their fig. 6) provided a summary of fluid pressure versus depth relationships for the coastal-plain strata of southwest Alabama. To determine pressure distribution within the Tuscaloosa Group, we used Tucker and Kidd's (1973) gradient of 0.482 psi/ft and the map showing depth to the middle Tuscaloosa Group (Moffet and others, 1984a).

12b Map:


12b Reference:

Moffett, T. B., Hinkle, F., Epsman, M. L., and Wilson, G. V., 1984a, Configuration of the top of the Selma Group in Alabama: Alabama Geological Survey, Map 199CB, 1 sheet.

Tucker, W. E., and Kidd, R. E., 1973, Deep-well disposal in Alabama: Alabama Geological Survey, Bulletin 104, 229 p., 4 plates.

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