Tuscaloosa Group, Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain (13)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

13 Rock/Water Reaction:

Rock/water reactions are largely a function of formation mineralogy and (if applicable) cement composition. Pore-water chemistry and pore-water residence also significantly influence rock/water reactions. Little information is available regarding the mineralogic composition of the Tuscaloosa Group in the subsurface of southwest Alabama. Alverson (1970; his appendix ) and Tucker and Kidd (1973; their appendix C) provided sample descriptions of the Tuscaloosa Group from two wells. These descriptions indicate that the Tuscaloosa Group sands are mostly composed of rather mature, siliceous sand. Some mica and lignite are reported. Some shell and calcareous material is also reported. From this limited information, we conclude that the potential for significant rock/water reaction with injected CO2 is low.

13 Reference:

Alverson, R. M., 1970, Deep well disposal study for Baldwin, Escambia and Mobile Counties, Alabama: Alabama Geological Survey, Circular 58, 49 p.

Tucker, W. E., and Kidd, R. E., 1973, Deep-well disposal in Alabama: Alabama Geological Survey, Bulletin 104, 229 p., 4 plates.

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